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# 226 - Posted on 6/29/19 2:22:39

In a way I'm hoping MS doesn't shit up their offerings like ps+ so that people gravitate away from Sony enough that Sony stops making their stuff worse. :P July's stuff is pretty bad by most accounts unless you REALLY love PES

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Yeah, while I can understand dropping the PS3/Vita support, they honestly should have gone to at least 4 PS4 games a month.

Dropping from 6 to 2 games per month without a price drop sucked. And if Xbox lets them off the hook by following suit... ugh. I'd like to THINK that's not in the works though since PS Plus gave a 1 year warning in order to limit claims of "I renewed without knowing the service was going to change!"

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The Games With Gold list dropped today, and it makes me wonder if the delay was over trying to get something in at the last minute (and probably failing).

Games With Gold:

07/01/19: Inside (XB1) and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (360) rotate in. NHL 19 (XB1) and Earth Defense Force 2017 (360) rotate out.
07/16/19: Big Crown: Showdown (XB1) and Meet the Robinsons (360) rotate in. Rivals of Aether (XB1) and Castlevania: SotN rotate out.

My take: The only interesting game here to me is Castlevania, and that seems to be a port of the PS1 classic more than a remaster, and PS Plus had that for free long ago. Unless Meet the Robinsons is one of those rare good licensed games, not really much interesting here.

PS Plus Instant Game Collection: (new titles rotate in 07/02/19)

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
  • Horizon Chase Turbo

My take: PES I'm on the fence about. It's typically lauded as superior to the FIFA games, but the FIFA games certainly did a LOT better in terms of team licensing. It's worth a look at least. Horizon Chase Turbo apparently is a spiritual successor/homage to those old 2D arcade racing games like Out Run and Rush which I loved back in the day.

My guess for winner: PS Plus. 4 games is better than 2 games, but they need to be decent games.

Moho Note: Big Crown: Showdown needs to be added to the database.

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@boffo97 - It has been added!

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Inside is a great game and definitely worth checking out. Pretty easy to get 1000 achievement points also. First game I've got all achievements for in a long time.

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Horizon Chase Turbo is great. The music in the game is amazing. I recommend it.

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So PES got swapped out with Detroit: Become Human. I gotta say that's not a great change for me personally (as I have it already) but I bet it makes more people happy than not.

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I would have been okay with PES, but this change makes me happy. I was a big fan of Heavy Rain. I guess I have to finish Beyond Two Souls now to do the three in order (even though they're separate stories).

It's the Deluxe Edition too, so if you missed when Heavy Rain for the PS4 was previously given away, you can get it here.

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From what little is publicly available on the issue, it seems (purportedly at least) the call to replace PES 2019 with Detroit: Become Human in this month's PS Plus offerings was a last minute call on Sony's part. It wasn't any kind of rights issue and Konami is a bit confused as to what happened.

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Interesting. Makes me wonder if they actually did the swap in response to the initial backlash from the reveal (which would be shocking) or if there was some other factor that came into play.