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# 304 - Posted on 9/4/2021 14:14:19

@nakama - If when you added the games to your collection set the items to physical, and gave them appropriate new/used data, then I don't know why they would be turning up as having $0 value across the board like that.
If it was limited to only a certain number of items then it could just be that vgpc wasn't tracking their values, but not if it's affecting your whole collection.

Are you changing anything in specific to "fix" the values? Or just opening up the edit window, hitting save without making any changes, and then the value displays correctly? If the latter, sounds like something @moho_00 might be able to shed more light on as it could be some bug.

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@dhobo it seems to work now but it has happened a few times. it is the latter i dont have to change the information for it to fix the games one at a time but after a while it sometimes goes back. it was the entire collection for every game it showed no worth on the game or what i paid but i guess when the server resets or updates it looks to fix that because it currently is showing my estimated value and the vgpc values but ill come back and comment again if it ever pops back up to help with bug tracking this problem in specific

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Midway Arcade Treasures (1) for PlayStation 2 - https://www.pricecharting.com/game/playstation-2/midway-arcade-treasures
So, this one is a bit of a weird one. According to Wikipedia, the original release of this game was just called "Midway Arcade Treasures." They then re-released it as "Midway Arcade Treasures 1" to match the "2" and "3" release, but it's the exact same game. Pricecharting doesn't have an entry for the (1) re-release, just the original. Is it possible to just link up the original's price data with the (1) variant?

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# 307 - Posted on 9/7/2021 21:42:22

Yeah, that's a weird one there. The way I have things built, I can't point the same VGPC entry to multiple Completionator entries. It's interesting that VGPC has a separate "1" entry for the GameCube version, but not the PS2. I think there's a way to request games to be added on their side, so that's probably the best (and most accurate) way to do it.

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# 308 - Posted on 9/8/2021 17:22:48

@moho_00 I sent a message to the pricecharting team and they added both the PS2 and Xbox entries for "Midway Arcade Treasures 1." Here are the links:

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Cool! We pull in new data every night from VGPC, so once we have the new IDs loaded I'll wire them up.

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Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Bundle for GameCube - https://www.pricecharting.com/game/gamecube/dance-dance-revolution-mario-mix-bundle
On pricecharting, it is labeled as "Bundle" but on here it is called "Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix - Action Pad Set" and is missing pricing data. Not sure if you want to rename the entry, or just link it to the "Bundle" on pricecharting.

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# 311 - Posted on 9/8/2021 22:15:12

I think the Mario Mix bundle is one of those situations where the VGPC entry didn't exist when we propped up our entry on this side...but it should be fixed now!

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade

Actually, are we not pulling in PS5 price charting data? I can't associate quite a few of them that I have.

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PlayStation 5 was not configured for VGPC integration, but it is now. It should start picking things up tonight.

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Thanks moho!