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@dhobo - I'm not sure about that, and you may be right. However, on Pricecharting, they have a listing for the game itself (game cartridge, manual, cover art, case) and a separate listing for the game and the Pokewalker (everything plus the Pokewalker, belt clip, and outer cardboard box). Obviously, the latter is worth considerably more than just the game itself.

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I am almost certain the pokewalker is bundled with every copy, though you can buy the game used without it. I suspect Pricecharting is reflecting the difference in having just the game vs the extra stuff it came with.

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@WeirdLittleDog - Even if that is the case, should the prices here not reflect what Pricecharting is showing based on their data? In this particular instance (at this moment in time) a "complete" copy of HeartGold without the Pokewalker is at $157.88 while a copy with the Pokewalker is at $249.97.

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The problem here is that pricecharting made an absolute mess of things. I understand what they tried to do, and it "sort of" works, but contains many errors.
Check under "New" and you find a ton of listings that are "sealed" boxes including the pokewalker. None of these should be listed here, but under the "Pokewalker" entry instead if it was being used properly. There are even some entries under Complete that also include the Pokewalker.

Personally, what I would do here to try to reflect proper pricing is the following:

  • Create an entry for the pokewalker accessory (since that is tracked loosely on pricecharting, and since I'm sure someone out there could theoretically own one without the associated game)
  • Convert the HG and SS entries into compilations that include the accessory + game.

I feel like that's somewhat of a decent compromise that should mostly work with pricecharting's own inaccurate workaround. There won't ever be a clean solution here, but I think it's as close as we can get without fabricating a fake edition (like pricecharting did)

@moho_00, please let us know what you think could/should be done here.

edit: Looking at pricecharting, it seems like the entry for the pokewalker alone has "New" listings for it (which I guess technically you could order as a replacement part from Nintendo, but the walker was never a separate retail product.)
As a result, we'd theoretically run into a situation where someone with a "New" copy of HG/SS would effectively be shown a price for the sealed box game + an extra pokewalker.

Still the best solution I can think of, but it's not perfect.

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Little Nightmares for Xbox One -
Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One -

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Generally speaking, hardware / accessory bundles are a nightmare both in terms of (accurately) filling out entries here and then trying to get VGPC to fit nicely. And then that all assumes everyone knows how it works

For this one, we're definitely missing some pieces. I think we need an entry for the Pokewalker accessory, then we would need compilation entries for the game / accessory bundles. That's how I've been trying to handle situations like this, though I know these aren't the only ones still floating in limbo.

Little Nightmares was already configured for pricing, so maybe someone fixed it already? Final Fantasy XV is a weird one, though it's not alone in the issue it's facing. The VGPC entry shows the "Day One Edition" box art and that's how we have it labeled on our side. I'm assuming Final Fantasy XV sold enough copies that some were printed without the aforementioned moniker, but VGPC does not appear to track it separately. There are definitely instances where an "edition" was given to a game (Day One or otherwise), yet no "regular" edition was ever released, which makes things...messy. Modern gaming problems!

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Rustler for Xbox Series X -
It looks like the pricing and the picture both need to be updated. This is also out on other systems, but I didn’t check those.

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@stufio - Rustler has been cleaned up!

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Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse for Xbox One -
(This was originally an OG Xbox game that they re-released for newer generations)

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Fade to Silence for Xbox One -

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@stufio - Those have been fixed up!

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So, I actually own both versions of the Witcher 2 on Xbox 360. There was an "Enhanced Edition" and a "Silver Box" edition. The cover art shows correctly when I added "Silver Box" to one copy, but the estimated value is showing as the same as the "Enhanced Edition."
Essentially, the regular "Enhanced Edition" looks to be correct to me, but the "Silver Box" has incorrect pricing data (but correct cover art).

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@stufio - We had a mismatch between our edition and the one on VGPC...but it should be fixed now!

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Marsupilami: Hoobadventure for Xbox One -

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@stufio - That one has been fixed! And I rather enjoyed that game

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Budget Cuts for PS4 (PSVR) -
The Walking Dead Onslaught for PS4 (PSVR) -
Northgard for Xbox One -

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@stufio - Those should all be fixed now!