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@driph - Those should be fixed up now, but a couple of them looked like they should've already been pulling in values. Let me know if any of them still aren't showing up for you and I can dig into it.

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Wasn't sure if I should post this here or elsewhere, but I noticed a sort of odd issue; It seems as though any CD-based TurboGrafx games, listed as TurboGrafx-CD or TurboDuo, won't display their prices even when linked to VGPC. I think this is a problem that lies more with VGPC than here, since they list any TG16CD under TG16, but put [Super CD] in the game's title to compensate that it's the disc format and not HuCard. You can see an example here; I'm not sure why they do it like this, since the CD unit was originally an attachment much like a Sega CD to the Genesis, but that has its own section.

Because of this, it won't show the price in a collection or wishlist unless the game is marked as TurboGrafx-16, not as TurboGrafx-CD or TurboDuo where it should. (I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between TurboGrafx-CD and TurboDuo is, but it makes it a little more complicated to work with these games in general. I've just been listing everything as TurboGrafx-CD.)

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Yep, you're correct in that the issue is because VGPC has them listed under TurboGrafx-16, but we have a separate platform for TurboGrafx-CD. I'll look into modifying my VGPC import process to manually account for this. It shouldn't be too difficult to deal with.

As for the TurboDuo, it probably shouldn't even be a platform at all. It's basically the equivalent to the Sega CDX, which was a redesigned model that could play both Sega Genesis carts and Sega CD discs (instead of having two separate units that connect together).

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(Switch) Diablo III: Eternal Collection

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I see in the pinned post that only physical games are eligible, but Vader Immortal Episode 1 is listed on the site, while Episodes 2 and 3 are not. For the Oculus Quest. Also, Songbird Symphony is missing. There are physical releases for Switch and PS4. Thanks

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Please add Shovel Knight Showdown. I see that King of Cards was added already with the same release date. It's available (or coming to) every major platform. Thanks

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@callmesteam - I've updated the Vader Immortal and Songbird Symphony info. Vader is only digital and I only see EU physical releases for Songbirg. Currently, VGPC data on this site only does US releases and they have to be physical. If you were talking about just getting the games added, this is the incorrect thread as this is for getting VGPC data added/corrected.

Use this thread for game requests to be added to the site:

Shovel Knight Showdown was added.

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Shovel Knight Showdown is actually included in Treasure Trove can you please add it to the compilation.

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Days Gone for PS4 -
Infinifactory for PS4 -
Steamworld Dig 2 for PS4 -
Sairento for PS4 (PSVR) -
Wolfenstein Cyberpilot for PS4 (PSVR) -
Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Deluxe Edition for Xbox One -
(As far as I’m aware the Deluxe edition was the only version released physically. It’s the only version that has a listing on pricecharting.)
Hitman Definitive Edition for Xbox One -
(I'm not 100% sure about Hitman. All that is listed in the database is "Hitman" not "Hitman Definitive Edition." Either way, there is no price data for Hitman for Xbox One.)

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@stufio - Sorry about that, I was on vacation and must've missed this one when I was catching up. Those should all be fixed now though. I ended up adding a separate entry for Hitman: Definitive Edition.

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@moho, thanks! I figured the holidays were the cause. I always appreciate the effort you put into this website!

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When adding NFL Football for the NES, none of the options listed match the NES version.
Link to VGPC

The NES version is Copyright 1988, Released in 1989 by LJN.

I used the "NFL Football (1990)", which is the wrong year, and also shows Konami in the picture...
But this version appears to be the closest match IMO.

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We have that one listed simply under "NFL", which I think is the official name (but is definitely kinda weird!):

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That was it!!

I typically use the name as listed on VGPC; that was the disconnect.

I've also noticed issues like this with games like "Super Jeopardy" being called "Talking Super Jeopardy"...
Gotta love it when the developer names a game then marketing decides to put a different name on the label...