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# 3186 - Posted on 1/01/20 2:47:31

Some compilations for moho...

Resident Evil Triple Pack -
Turok / Turok 2: Seeds of Evil -
Dragon Quest 1+2+3 Collection -

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# 3187 - Posted on 1/01/20 7:59:10

Star Ocean: First Departure R -

Arise - A Simple Story -

Also, these games aren't importing from Steam correctly.

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@everyone - I think most everything should be added now. A couple of notes:

  • I added Final Fantasy IV: Interlude, but haven't converted The Complete Collection to a compilation title yet. I need to review the various entries we have for Final Fantasy IV and decide if they should be collapsed into ONE or if we need to add a new one since it sounds like the version in The Complete Collection was built specifically for PSP.
  • I haven't added the Turok / Turok 2 Switch compilation yet as I was unable to find box art that wasn't angled. Might need to create something custom for now until it releases.
  • For the Dragon Quest games in the Switch compilation, are those all basically the original (NES) games, with modernized graphics? Just trying to determine if new entries need to be added or if the existing ones will suffice.
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# 3189 - Posted on 1/02/20 3:47:30

moho, the Turok compilation is already released and shipped. :) I've got it already, so I can scan the cover in for you if you'd like.

As for the Dragon Quest games, I haven't played the Switch versions yet to know for sure if they're just the original games with enhanced graphics or if anything new was put into these releases. GameFAQs have the three Switch versions listed under the same game as the original releases, so if there are any extras, they're probably minimal.

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# 3190 - Posted on 1/02/20 5:04:38

@moho_00 - I have an image for the Turok compilation created.

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Here's a request, thanks!

Superliminal -

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# 3192 - Posted on 1/02/20 15:18:48

Subserial Network:

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@moho u are correct the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV through the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection has updated graphics/other features compared to the SNES/PC counterparts

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# 3194 - Posted on 1/03/20 3:29:34

The Last Barbarian
(still in dev)

(still in dev)


Rush to Adventure

Dead by Death

(not released)

Xenocite Clad
(in dev)

Spooky Ghosts Dot Com

Forsaken Castle
(not released)

Robot Wants It All

Adventures of Chris
(not released)

Bloodlust 2: Nemesis
(in dev)

Gujian 3

(in dev)

Flynn: Son of Crimson

Hollow Knight: Silksong

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Bratz: Fashion Boutique
Mama's Combo Pack Volume 2

Both are for the DS

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# 3196 - Posted on 1/04/20 18:45:13

And All Would Cry Beware!

Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scars of Memories
(in dev)

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Piko Piko
(in dev)


3000th Duel


GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath

Red and the Deadly Sins

(in dev)

Lost Tales: The Castle Escape



Gensokyo Night Festival
(in dev)

Endless Memories

Cyber Shadow



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Hi Moho,
Can you add SpookyGhosts dot com for switch :

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# 3198 - Posted on 1/06/20 2:53:11

@everyone - I think I've added everything, but still trying to decide how to handle the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy IV compilations. I think we're going to need to clean up some existing entries, but it'll require a bit of research.

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Hello !
Michigan: Report from hell on Playstation 2 is missing in any versions :)

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# 3200 - Posted on 1/06/20 13:13:04

@WhitError - That one has been added!

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# 3201 - Posted on 1/07/20 0:47:13

Watchmen The End is Nigh Parts 1 and 2 for Xbox 360 -

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# 3202 - Posted on 1/07/20 2:15:21

@stufio - That one has been added!

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Ace Combat: Squadron Leader should be added as an alias to - see - Squadron Leader was subtitle used for EUR release.

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# 3204 - Posted on 1/07/20 12:42:39

@kw4s - Alias has been added!

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Pokémon Red, blue, yellow
I was wondering if you could combine the Games into a single title

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# 3206 - Posted on 1/08/20 19:00:36

OSK - The End of Time
Exile Squadron
Tomato Way 2

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@Brunauss - these are added.

@Redwarrior 366 - Sorry, my guess is these will remain separate games unless they were sold as a compilation, which I believe didn't happen. I know some other sites, like HLTB considers them the same game, but I don't think take that approach is taken on this site. @moho or others, please weigh in here if I'm wrong.

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# 3208 - Posted on 1/09/20 17:32:52

@Redwarrior366 - I agree with @warringshogun. Unless all three of those games were contained in a single compilation (which the site would still break out as single games), they will remain separate entries on the site. As you could have a completion time for Red, shorter or longer, then you would have for Blue.

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Hi there, any chance of adding the following games for the Wii to the database?

Big Catch: Bass Fishing 2 RXNPGT
Build-A-Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley R9UE52
Chicken Riot SCRPJH
Circus R5QPGT
Family Fortunes R9NPMR
Family Party: 30 Great Games - Outdoor Fun R63PG9
Family Party: 30 Great Games - Winter Fun S3WPG9
GTI Club Supermini Festa SGIPA4
Hugo Troll Woods SHOXKR
Mary King Riding School 2 RRHPUJ
Donkey Kong: Jet Race RDKP01
Skyscraper R3KP6N
Wii Chess RTYP01

By the way this database + web interface is Awesome!!

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These games are on here, Epic Pinball Packs 1, 2, and 3 and Epic Pinball: The Complete Edition which puts all the packs together, but 5 of the pinball tables were released as individual games and those need to be added to the database.

Crash & Burn
Deep Sea