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# 1607 - Posted on 10/29/2017 9:17:25

@jaguima87 & @brunauss Those have been added

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# 1608 - Posted on 10/29/2017 18:18:59

Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. (GBA)

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# 1609 - Posted on 10/29/2017 19:04:16

Cart Racer
Mind Unleashed
SLG Remix

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# 1610 - Posted on 10/29/2017 21:04:17

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition please:!/en-us/games/resident-evil-5-gold-edition/cid=UP0102-NPUB30564_00-HDDBOOT0100A0100

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Got most of my collection back up (thanks again for wiping it!), and noticed a few things. If you have anything particular you want, do let me know - tried to mimic what I saw above. If this is too much, feel free to ignore it; the only one I especially care about is in bold, the rest is just filling in gaps.

-There seem to be two entries for Guardian's Oath, for some reason.
-Virus Jigglin' Fever is typo'd with an extra J.
-In Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is listed/added to collections twice.

-Bit Odyssey
-CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect
-D: The Game
-Doorways: Prelude
-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
-I've Got To Run!
-Kingdom Wars 2: Battles
-Moon Chronicles
-Samurai Warriors Chronicles
-Second Chance Heroes (Removed from store; Steam ID is 293360)
-Spelunker World
-The Castle Game
-Tiny Bridge: Ratventure
-The physical (PS3?) copies of The Sly Collection also include Sly Mini Games, which is a fairly minor but separate set of four multiplayer mini/party games. Can't find much...
-Wonderbook: Book of spells

Let's just... pretend miscellaneous PC games don't exist.

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Nightmare On Ra Street
Rising Angels Fates Allegiance
Schäferstündchen Adventure
Midnight Scenes The Highway
Death Room
War 13Th Day
Don't Take This Risk
Evening Surprise

their on

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@Tenebrae, @Brunauss, and @kwnorm00 - Those have all been added!

@Redwarrior366 - Those have all been added, but you might want to verify that Evening Surprise is using the correct artwork. I didn't see it on, but I found it on another indie site. Just wanna make sure I got the right one for ya

@Sylaris - Virus Jigglin' is fixed and D can be found here: CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect is listed under Special Forces: Nemesis Strike with an alias (the name was changed for North America). I'll be working through the rest of your list soon

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I haven't actually tried .hack recode yet, so I don't know the structure precisely. What would the difference between a remaster and an anthology be? The original games would let you carry over your save file from chapter to chapter so I'd probably have to play through the first chapter to see if they make you do a hard chapter break and transfer, or if they seamlessly move over. Looking at screenshots, the world geometry looks very PS2-esque, so it's probably a FFX HD or Jak and Daxter HD level of remastering.

As for the 8-bit collection on NES, I'm sure they're referring to the various Mobile and computer ports with that one. Has it been released on console since the NES? The demo for the games looks identical to the original ones, so I think they're just running them in an emulator or something rather than remastering them.

Here's another game. I don't know why I keep buying Nicalis games. I never finish any of them.
And another:

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Grand Ages Rome is in the database, but I miss the Gold Edition and Grand Ages: Rome - The Reign of Augustus that's a part of that Gold Edition:

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I don't know if your system supports game aliases, but Star Control 3 is now officially known as Star Control: The Kessari Quadrant on Steam and GOG. I guess they wanted to remove it from series continuity?

In some places, it's just Star Contrl: Kessari Quadrant.

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If you could please add:

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladios
FF XV Episode Prompto
FF XV Episode Ignis


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Thanks for the quick replies. Can you please add Spark the Electric Jester as well?

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World Fighting:
Yetisports Arctic Adventures:

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@Kazriko The 8-bit collection and the other two games you posted have been added! Regarding compilations, the general rule I've used in the past is if the game presents you with a "select which game you want to play" kinda thing, then it goes in as a compilation. Sometimes though, they decide to merge all of the content into a single game seamlessly, in which case it would be treated as a stand-alone entry.

@Dub Conqueror - The expansion and Gold Edition have been added!

@boff97 - Thanks for the heads-up, I added an alias for it!

@Jaguar1367, @kwnorm00, and @Irockz - Those have all been added!

@Sylaris - I think I have everything added, but let me know if I missed anything. I will need to write some scripts to fix the duplicate / missing compilation games (Guardian's Oath, Sonic collection, and Sly Cooper collection), but they're on my task list!

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Looks like everything I posted, thank you so much!
Sorry for missing those two and thanks for the links; I checked the list again before posting and got rid of a couple, but didn't catch them. There's no rush on the duplicates/Sly at all, I was just pointing out a few oddities I noticed while re-adding things.

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Please add Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection for PC/Xbox One

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection -


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All Atari 2600:
Sea Hawk
Outer Space
Speedway II ( Cart # 99804, Sears version of Street Racer (Cart # CX2612))
Maze (Cart # 99825, Sears version of Slot Racers (Cart # CX2606))

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@elko84 and @pituch - Those have all been added!

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I didn't see Country Dance All Stars (Xbox 360) in the database, please add!

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Hello, i wasn't able to find "Chess Ultra" available on pretty much all platforms

Greetings, Bernhard

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# 1627 - Posted on 11/5/2017 13:31:35

Shadow of the Beast - Playstation 4. Game was remade and released last year. Did find the 'old' version but as this is a complete remake I suppose it's different enough

The Keeper of 4 Elements - Playstation 4

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@Calavamari, @bvg, and @Marcelloz - Those have all been added!

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Thanks for the quick add!

Other ones missing, all PSN :

tetraminos - PS4
mahjong - PS4
brick breaker - PS$

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Another visual novel:
Swan Song

Would it be possible/worthwhile to add all games from the Visual Novel database?

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To add:

Super Mega Baseball (PS4) -
RBI Baseball 16 (PS4) -