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I just found a few more missing games, some arcade (which I realize pose a challenge when compared to most console stuff, but the option was there...)

Armor Attack (arcade) -
Armor Attack (Vectrex) -
Snow Bros (Different from the console ports 'Snow Brothers') -
Game Boy Printer (I know it's not a game, but the camera is in the system, so....) -

Is there any plan to add the Neo*Geo MVS or should I just list my MVS games under 'arcade'?

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@Delainez and @YouCanCallMeAl - Those have all been added!

@FMonk - First off, welcome to the site! If you ever have any feedback, don't hesitate to post here or use the button at the top. Also, feel free to spread the word if you like the site :D Anyways, I think I've added most of the games you've requested. Here are the ones I haven't added yet:

  • Konami Collector's Series: Arcade Advanced - Somehow I missed this one or else I would've added it.
  • Desert Strike - The general pattern we've been following is to create separate entries if games differ drastically (for example, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers games, since you had one of those on your list). Do you know if the Game Gear version of Desert Strike is essentially the same as the Genesis / SNES versions?
  • Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition - We haven't been loading in Collector's Editions as separate entries since they (generally) contain the same content as the "regular" editions. For VGPC purposes, you should be able to enter "Collector's Edition" as the Edition here on Completionator and it will utilize the appropriate entry on VGPC.
  • Jurassic Park - I did a little research on this one and I think the Game Boy version is essentially the same as the NES, so I went ahead and updated the name of the existing entry to accommodate this.
  • NHL Hockey PC - Do you have a box or any other info on this one?

I'm not really familiar with the Neo Geo hardware, so do you know if the existing platform for "Neo Geo" should actually be "Neo Geo MVS" or is that still a valid entry? I have no problem adding additional platforms :D

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Came across this game in my collection that's not in the database:

Super Dany for the SNES (Europe only release) -

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Awesome! Between this and the price post, I still have a few I'll keep on the list to add once the entries get sorted out. Otherwise I've got my entire collection included! I've got about 33% finished, which sounds about right. Of course, many of those I haven't finished are games that can never be finished, so I don't feel too bad :p

Desert Strike, I just realized that I had it on the list because no price showed up and I assumed that meant it was not in the database, but I just saw that VGPC has no price for the Game Gear version! Problem solved for now.

Here's the version of NHL Hockey (for Windows 95!) I have:
And not that it matters to this list, but this is the variant box mine has:,119597/
It appears that VGPC doesn't have this exact version in their database, but they do have the 1993 version.

Re: Neo*Geo, the 'vanilla' console version that you've got in the list is known as the AES version (I think you've got all the NG console versions in the list, but I'm honestly not an SNK expert like some people are :p). The MVS version is strictly arcade hardware. The games are virtually identical between the two versions (with a few exceptions), but the AES versions tend to be waaay more valuable, especially CIB. Metal Slug for example is like 15-20x more expensive for the AES version, but I don't know that it matters much since VGPC doesn't track MVS prices. I didn't want to add my MVS games as ‘Neo*Geo’ and make people think I have a version I don't (and inflate my estimated value), but I also didn't know if MVS games should be added to 'arcade' or if there would be a 'Neo*Geo MVS' entry. That's whatever you think works best. I kind of lean toward a new MVS entry, but only because the Neo*Geo was somewhat unique in the arcade world as being designed as an 'arcade console'. Other systems had standardized hardware platforms (Capcom play system, Sega Naomi, etc.), but the link between the MVS and AES is unique.

Speaking of arcade games, since there's already a category, it might be nice to have options for 'dedicated cabinet', conversion cabinet', and 'PCB only'. Or maybe that should go into the edition box?

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Dug up some PC discs during fall cleaning. A few aren't on here yet.

SimCity Societies -
SimCity Societies: Destinations (expansion) -

The Sims: Carnival - SnapCity -

The Sims: Castaway Stories -

Schizm -

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Nickelodeon GUTS for SNES

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Disney's Aladdin - Capcom - SNES (only virgin for genesis currently shows)

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - SNES
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie - SNES

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@Ilium - That one has been added

@FMonk - I think I added everything that I had missed in the first load, but let me know if I missed something (again). Also, I added a platform for Neo Geo MVS. I also added one for Neo Geo X, which I had been meaning to do for a while. As for the arcade options, I hadn't really thought about that before. I would say the Edition field would be appropriate, at least for now. I'll put an item on my list to potentially add some "special" arcade fields in the future (so let me know if you think of anything else).

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@Drymonema and @OutlawDJ - Those have all been added!

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The BundleStars Cryptic Mega Bundle has a few things not on here.

Weird Park Trilogy Collection containing:
- Weird Park: The Broken Tune
- Weird Park: Scary Tales
- Weird Park: The Final Show Collector's Edition

Twisted Lands Trilogy Collector's Edition Collection containing:
- Twisted Lands: Shadow Town
- Twisted Lands: Insomniac
- Twisted Lands: Origin!

Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection Collection containing:
- Living Legends: Frozen Beauty
- Living Legends: Ice Rose

Dream Catcher Chronicles: Manitou

Small Town Terrors: Livingston

Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff Collector's Edition

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Keeping on with the HOG theme: Groupees has their own Alawar Mega Bundle with several collections/entries we seem to be missing.

Hidden Object Bundle 4 in 1 collection containing:
- Stray Souls: A Dollhouse Story
- House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster
- Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers
- Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

House of Snark 6-in-1 Bundle collection containing:
- Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club
- Snark Busters: High Society
- Snark Busters: All Revved Up
- House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition
- House of 1000 Doors: Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition
- House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame Collector's Edition

Hidden Object Bundle 5 in 1 collection containing:
- Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
- Mountain Crime: Requital
- Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box
- Weird Park: Broken Tune
- Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Hidden Object 6-in-1 bundle
- Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
- Kronville: Stolen Dreams
- Panopticon: Path of Reflections
- Lake House: Children of Silence Collector's Edition
- The Other Side: Tower of Souls
- Mexicana: Deadly Holiday

Phew... Okay, That should be all of it. Hopefully I didn't make too many errors here.

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moho: If you do add arcade fields (and I think the edition box works fine tbh), I would include 'dedicated cabinet', 'conversion cabinet', 'complete kit', and 'pcb only'.

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Gogo's Crazy Bones - Nintendo DS -

Arctic Tale - Nintendo DS -

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - Nintendo DS -

Aladdin - Game Gear -

Also can an admin remove all the PC/Windows games from my account? Didn't realize till after I imported from Steam that I much rather track my non-PC game collection. Thanks either way!

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@dhobo - Hmm...Some of those sound familiar and it seems like I intentionally broke them up when loading them from the Steam import. Are those legit compilations or just set up that way for bundling purposes?

@LegitBoard - Hello and welcome! Let me know if you have anymore games you need added or have any feedback :D I added the games you requested and Aladdin was already here under "Aladdin (1994)". I was going to clear out your PC games, but it looks like you beat me to it :P

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They get added to your steam library under the collection titles I gave above when they're purchased, inconsistent titling and all. It doesn't give a separate entry for each game.

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Yep, I got them, thanks moho_00. Thanks for getting the others added :)

Another game to add:

Risk / Battleship / Clue - Gameboy Advance -

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Dhobo: Why did you alert me to this bundle! I love HOGs and need to buy it now :/. Anyway, yeah, like dhobo is saying, these bundle titles do exist within Steam (by buying them you get "Hidden Object 5 in 1" or whatever in your Library list. But some of the games also exist as distinct entities on Steam.

I would ignore the inconsistent naming, though, as in almost all cases it is obvious what game they're TRYING to refer to.

PS: I looked at the recently added section and it appears you're adding in that Sega 3D Classics Collection. Hopefully wikis/etc say the full game list, as there are actually secret titles included (the official website doesn't reveal them - at least it didn't prior to launch).

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Game to Add:

64 Tele-Games - Atari 2600 -

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@dhobo - I know I've been rather inconsistent in regards to the "Collector's Edition" moniker for these hidden object games, but what are your thoughts on that as a whole? Should they all just go in as "regular" games or do they warrant a separate entry? It seems like they do have bonus content, but not sure what it really amounts to? I have no problem either way, just noticed it's out of whack on the very first one (Weird Park), so figured I'd ask before adding anything :)

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@LegitBoard - Those have been added!

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From what I've been able to look up (I'm not inherently familiar enough with the games to know offhand) there appears to be an extra chapter in the CE edition.

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Oh, that's something I didn't think about (since many times you can only buy a "Collector's Edition" of a HOG on sites like Big Fish Games). Collector's Editions DO typically come with an additional chapter, generally an epilogue. Sometimes they also come with wallpapers and other digital stuff.

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The following games from my Super Famicom collection are missing:

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@Ilium - Those have all been added!

@dhobo - Those various hidden object game bundles have also been added, but you might want to double-check 'em.