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And another new one

Attempt[42] -

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# 1054 - Posted on 2/2/2017 1:00:52

I was going through my old computer games and found a bunch that are missing here.

Deer Avenger: Stag Party - PC / Windows
(compilation with Deer Avenger and Deer Avenger 2)

Classic Concentration: 2nd Edition - PC / Windows

Jeopardy! Second Edition - PC / Windows!_Second_Edition_(PC,_5_1/4%22_Disk)Gametek-_1990_USA,_Canada_Release

Wheel Of Fortune Third Edition - PC / Windows,_3_1/2%22_Disk)Gametek-_1990_USA,_Canada_Release

Atlantis The Lost Empire: Search for the Journal - PC / Windows

The Neverending Story II: The Arcade Game - PC / Windows

Jurassic Park - PC / Windows

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Oh my god I forgot all about Deer Avenger. I need to track that down again...

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From the latest Humble Monthly, we're missing:

  • Husk (available on steam)

  • Hollow Knight (only a "preview")

  • Oh, Deer! (beta? I guess)

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Sorry for the delay everyone, but I have the internet again and just added all of the missing games reported here! Let me know if I missed any.

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@moho_00 - No worries man, moving into a new place is a huge pile of work. Delays are more than understandable.

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Finally found my first game that wasn't in the database. "Operation Flashpoint: Elite" it was on the Xbox.

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Doom 3: Lost Mission

And would it be possible to make a compilation for Doom 3: BFG Edition containing the following?
-Doom 2
-Doom 2: Hell on Earth
-Doom 2: No Rest for the Living
-Doom 3
-Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil
-Doom 3: Lost Mission

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I know it might be out of the question, but what about adding fanGames/hack to the site

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@Cryogentics - Those are welcome here

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Got another game: Bella Sara:

Also a feature request / some feedback: I'd love a way to see duplicates. I imported from a couple different places, and there was some overlap. I'd like to be able to see the duplicates so I can remove them.

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Here are a couple of games for SEGA's first console:
The SG-1000:


Side Note: Also released to the SC-3000, and Arcade.

And Space Invaders need a SG-1000 Entry.

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I have found yet another one

Tapocalypse -

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Adventure Bar Story
oh my giraffe
Riddick: The Merc Files
Symphony of Eternity
Wayward Souls

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I just added everything that's been requested up to this point! Let me know if I missed anything.

@Nocmin - I saw your request on Doom 3: BFG Edition and I will work on getting that fixed. It might take me a few days, but it's on my list :D

@hamsteralliance - Did you use the Steam import and the bulk import? The site shouldn't allow duplicates when using the Steam import, so just curious in case there's an issue there. I put together a query real quick and identified the duplicate games in your collection, so if you want the list, I can paste it in here or email it to you. The feature you're requesting is something I've thought about in the past, which is a clean-up / alerts kinda system. I wanted to be able to highlight duplicates, as well as things like if you have a game marked as "finished", but its physical condition is "new". I had a list of things that I wanted it to do, but it's been a couple of years, I'll have to dig up that task :P

@Cryogentics - I added SG-1000 as a platform, let me know if you find any others missing!

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Sounds good to me! :)

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I noticed that Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour is listed, but not Silent Hills PT.

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@moho_00 - I used the Steam and GOG imports. I think I did Steam first then GOG. An email of the dupes would be greatly appreciated! :)

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What should be done with the NES Classic? Out of the box, it's not exactly a console: it's like a compilation of 30 games. However, it can be hacked, in which case ALL classic NES games can be added. (Who could buy the NES Classic and not hack it? I'm going to play Ducktales 2!)

Would it make the most sense to add the new NES Classic as a console, and then the user adds each game manually and marks it as digital? Or is it not suited for this site because it's either 1. considered to be in the same category as the TIGER handhelds since the games are pre-installed or 2. more like an emulator in an official Nintendo box?

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Hmm...The NES Classic (and other similar systems) are tricky. I'm inclined to think of it as a compilation hardware entry, which is something we've never had, ha! We haven't gotten to loading in hardware yet, but the way I see that happening, they'll essentially be games (some rebranding will be in order) and therefore can follow whatever existing model we have in place. So for the NES Classic, it could be a compilation "game" with 30 games in it.

Another example would be the various hardware bundles, like a PS4 with Uncharted 4 in it. That could be a compilation with the PS4 system and Uncharted 4. I hadn't really thought about this stuff before, so not sure that makes sense, but it would definitely work with our existing infrastructure.

A similar, though ultimately different scenario is the Neo Geo X, which doesn't have any built-in games, but is sort of marketed like the NES Classic. We had talked about this one a long time ago and the consensus was to add it as a platform and the carts would be game entries. I think the main driver for this was that you can actually purchase separate game carts to treat the system like a "real" one.

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OK GUYS, I got a bunch of Japanese imports.

Last Armegeddon for Famicom
Sugoro Quest for Famicom
Hyakki yagyou: Night Parade of One Hundred Demons for Famicom
Wing of Madoola for Famicom

Dragon Ball Z Butouden for Super Famicom

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Just Sing -

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@moho_00 - Maybe you could have the NES Classic as a combination of a compilation game and listed as a console that games can be assigned to. I'm waiting to see if hakchi2 has an update coming before I crack open my NES Classic and hack it, but I can't resist the opportunity to put games like "Ducktales 2" on this thing. I'd love to be able to add all the games I install on my NES Classic to my list, but I wouldn't want them to show up normally; I'd want them to be treated as part of a compilation where only the NES Classic shows up in the list, and then I could view the installed games 'broken out' in the list or view them listed separately. Something like that.

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Hoping this isn't a duplicate, but if it is, it's not coming up: Dreamfall Chapters, via GOG. Not to be confused with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, which can also be found on GOG. Also a special edition with the same game content, but different name, and a separate upgrade for those who didn't buy the special edition to start with. Not sure how those would get logged on Completionator, so thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for making this site! Been migrating towards wanting this for years as homebrew solutions have been overwhelmed by first the number of platforms, then the number of games it was physically possible to own (thanks to digital copies). :-)

Also, relevant to the request about duplicates: I would like to be able to find both exact duplicates (same game, same format/source, likely a data error unless they are physical copies, then still possibly so), and duplicate purchases (same game, different format/source, could be data entry error or I genuinely bought the same game multiple times). As I try to build up GOG/Steam copies of games I own on physical media but that are a pain to set up, inadvertently duplicate old purchases due to bundles or just confusion (which this site promises to reduce, thanks again), and sometimes acquire the same game for multiple platforms, it would be nice to keep track of how many variants I have, and for what. :-)

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Sorry, the site said I got an error, and the extra bit didn't show until I reloaded. Someone delete this, if that's a thing. I can't find a way to do it.

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