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@penumbren - Unfortunately, I was right there with you in regards to having a massive headache yesterday. I woke up Saturday morning at about 4:00am and my head was BUSTIN'! I deal with daily, chronic headaches, but this was an actual migraine. I've had them before where I have an extremely painful headache with light and sound sensitivity, but this is the first time I recall being nauseous (though I managed to avoid hurling at the 11th hour) and experiencing visual auras. I basically laid in bed all day and after the medicine I tried didn't work, I finally gave in at about 8:30pm and went to the ER. They gave me some stuff and it sort of helped. It at least took me from a 10 to a 7, maybe. I was able to get some sleep and still woke up with a headache, but Excedrin Migraine seems to be handling this far.

I had planned on doing some serious gaming all weekend and even had a delicious Monster to help power through some stuff, but alas, those plans have been foiled. Needless to say, I'm a little behind on adding games, buuuuuut I do have the next load queued up and I just pushed out an update, sooooo progress!

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I'm sorry to hear about your condition, I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery! Stay AWAY from Monster or anything else like that...they are poison! I used to work the night shift, so staying up was first priority, so I can understand the need to get energy. That's definitely NOT the way to go about it, though. I'm basically immune to coffee's stimulants effects because of this, but I do find it to be a bit more soothing. Were they able to diagnose your condition properly?

Glad to see you getting back to work!

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I think I've pretty much caught up on the games that needed to be added, EXCEPT for the larger compilation games. Retro Atari looks pretty easy, so it should be added soon.

@DOBERMAN_AX - I don't generally drink a lot of caffeine and in fact gave it up cold turkey a while back. After going weeks without it, I ultimately determined it was not responsible for my daily headaches and slowly incorporated it back in, albeit with a smaller amount than I previously had (which was already kinda small). My wife and I indulge in some of the Zero Calorie Monsters every once in a while because they're so tasty :P I usually drink mine over the course of 3-5 days hehe.

As for my condition on Saturday, it was simply "migraine", which I guess is accurate, but I sure wish one of these doctors would help me find the root cause...

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Well I hope you find the root of the problem! Best wishes!

Also, I noticed your massively added list of added games while going through the last list of recently added ones. I can't keep up with you! As you seen in your logs, I contributed to quite a few of those rather obscure titles, so I hope that helps.

With that said, if anyone can determine the Month/Day release date of McKenzie & Co. for Windows/Mac, that would be extremely helpful. I don't think it is anywhere on the entire internet as it was released in '95 and is that obscure (every wiki site only denotes it released in the year '95). Anyone with a physical copy that could help confirm this would be exceptionally helpful.

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I have chronic daily migraine, and have to say the ER is a miserable place to be when you have a migraine. I recently learned I was gluten intolerant (but don't have celiac disease) and removing gluten from my diet has cut my headache days by half. Turns out gluten was one of my migraine triggers... Go figure. I have no GI symptoms from ingesting gluten, just headaches and neuropathy.

It's a weird thing to me although apparently not uncommon amongst folks who are gluten intolerant. I've had daily migraines for many years and never would have linked it to gluten intolerance since I had no idea I was gluten intolerant. I wasn't gluten intolerant when the headaches started. Moral of the story.. If your dr can't find a neurological or physical cause for the headaches they need to start thinking outside of the box or you need to see a different specialist, especially if you have other things that are off. (For example, I also had an unexplained rapid heat rate, easily controlled with meds, but also a symptom of gluten intolerance.)

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All I can do is echo everyone else here - glad you made it through, but wow does that sound sucky. I have pretty chronic headaches, although not migraines; I've gotten them occasionally, and I can't even begin to imagine how people live them with constantly. I have also found that caffeine tends to help my headaches, so I will usually drink a soda and then extra water, and Excedrin (and Excedrin Migraine) are the only medications I've found that even touch them. I suspect my usual regimen for dealing with them pretty much echoes yours.

Thanks much for adding the games, and here's hoping your good days greatly outnumber the bad ones. :)

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I Am Setsuna

I wanted to add this to my wish list but it appears to be missing. Thanks!

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please add
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! - What did I do to deserve this?
for the PSP thanks!

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@tarzanslam - That one has been added!

@steampunk - I know you've been registered since July, but welcome :D I just added that one for ya. Let me know if you need anymore added or if you have any feedback!

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@FelschR - That one has been added!

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Adding Metal Gear Online (also called MGO3) as its own game entry seems necessary considering time elapsed is logged separately. Thanks!

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@DOBERMAN_AX - That one has been added!

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Thank you very much!

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@moho_00 - thank you! :) yeah I have some more. i'm slowly adding my collection to the page and would post some games as I'm going through it.

please add Virtua Tennis 2 (Dreamcast)

oh i have a couple japanese gameboy advance games too if this ok.

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# 792 - Posted on 9/12/2016 11:56:33

Hello! I'm new. I have a question about the games you add, you do not add upcoming (aka unreleased) games, right?

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@steampunk - It looks like Virtua Tennis 2 is the same game as Tennis 2K2, so I added an alias for that one. If you search for "Virtua Tennis 2", it should now come back in the search results. And yeah, Japanese GBA games are certainly welcome here :)

@Zaidel - Hello and welcome! Upcoming games are definitely something that can be added. I try to keep an eye on the bigger releases, but there are a lot that slip past me. But yeah, if you have any, let me know :D

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Ok, very well then, I've been adding some of the games I've already finished and the ones I have on my wishlist and here are some that aren't listed:

Released Games:
- Cookie Clicker (Browser)
- (Browser)
- 100 Doors Challenge (Android)
- Alpaca Evolution (Android)
- Thinking with Time Machine (PC, Steam, Portal Mod)
- Clustertruck (PC, Steam)
- Momodora: RUSTL (PC, Steam)
- Ghost 1.0 (PC, Steam)
- Redout (PC, Steam)

Unreleased Games:
- Cuphead
- Owlboy

Also, I've notived you can't select Mobile as a platform so I guess that's why some of these games aren't listed. I would also like to know how DLCs are listed (if at all) on the website (because I can find GOTY versions of games but not individual DLCs).
Thanks for the amazing work! :D

EDIT: Made the post fancier :P

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Welcome Zaidel! Nice to see a bunch of new faces popping up around here!

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your questions regarding Mobile platform selection, as that is in mobo_00's hands now. From my understanding, there was/is a discussion regarding the manner in another thread currently, so stay tuned on updates there. In the case of DLC, currently they are not individual entities, however I would also like them to implemented in that manner as well (paging moho_00! xD). For now, my personal remedy is to add a 'Note' for the desired game containing DLC and denote it in that way. To add a 'Note', simply click on the little "book page" icon underneath the Now Playing, Backlogged, Hidden, and Strategy Guide selectable options.

Also, if you would like some help regarding posting mark-ups, please refer to this thread I made ->

Enjoy your time spent here!

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@Zaidel - Those have all been added!

As for mobile games, we've discussed it before and the general consensus was to add games on an "as needed" basis. At this point, many of the popular games end up getting Steam ports, so they'll end up here eventually anyways :P I think we had decided to add "Android" and "iOS" as platforms as well.

DLC is something we've gradually been adding in. I try to ensure GOTY editions are filled with their appropriate DLC when I add new ones, but there are a lot of older ones that were on the site before we supported DLC. For those, it's a manual process of me figuring out what goes in them, loading those entries, then updating everyone's collection to add the missing content. Nevertheless, let me know if you need any added :)

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Ace Attorney Investigations 2(Gyakuten Kenji 2)
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice


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@CarryMad - Hello and welcome! Those have been added! Let me know if you have anymore :D

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@Delainez - Retro Atari has been added! Intellivision Lives should hopefully be soon.

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# 800 - Posted on 9/16/2016 17:18:29

Awesome, thank you!

Can you please add Dragon Quest VIi: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (3DS)?

Preordered that one, came today. (Woohoo!)

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I just got my collection loaded and came across some games that don't seem to be in the system. I tried to check for name variations, but these don't seem to be in the system (at least not for the platforms they're on). I've linked to the VGPC page for the correct entry for those that exist, and any that don't have a VGPC page are linked to another source that should point you to a thumbnail and info. I can't remember if foreign releases are intended to be included in the database or not, but the VGPC has prices for some (the JPN version of Rez on Dreamcast comes to mind). Also, some of these might have been listed already, but I don't really have time to read through this whole thread :P

Game Title - Platform - Any notes - URL to listing
Comanche CD - PC - Not on VGPC -
Grandmaster Chess - PC - Not on VGPC -
Microsoft Arcade (not return or revenge of arcade) - PC - Not on VGPC -
V-Tetris (JPN) - VB - Not on VGPC -
Aces: The Complete Collector's Edition - PC -
Arcade Classic 3: Galaga and Galaxian - GB -
Arcade Classic: Asteroids and Missile Command - GB -
(presumably the other Arcade Classic Game Boy series are also missing, but I don't have those games)
Batman: The Animated Series - GB -
Bionic Battler - GB -
Capcom Classics Mini Mix - GBA -
Desert Strike Return to the Gulf - GG -
Disney's Aladdin - GG -
F-16 Fighting Falcon - SMS -
Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition - PC -
Great Ice Hockey - SMS -
InfoGenius: Frommer's Travel Guide - GB -'s-travel-guide
Jurassic Park - GB -
Konami Collector's Series: Arcade Advanced - GBA -'s-series-arcade-advanced
Lemmings Holiday Edition - PC -
Mega Man - GG -
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - GG -
Motocross Maniacs - GB -
Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise - GB -'s-gourmet-paradise
NHL Hockey (Game Gear) - GG -
NHL Hockey (PC) - PC -
Painkiller - PC -
Quarth - GB -
Space Invaders - GB -
Super Columns - GG -
Super Hunchback - GB -
Super Tennis - SMS -
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness - GB -'s-movie-madness
Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge - Wii -
Wizards and Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear - GB -

I also have some missing prices for listings that do exist, but I'll post that in the correct forum ;) Thanks for all the hard work, this site is something I always wanted, especially the link to the VGPC. :D Even with all the price estimate shortcomings of the VGPC, there's nothing better out there that I'm aware of.

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Hi all!

Some games that I haven't found on here yet:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy -- 3DS --
BioShock Remastered -- PC --
BioShock 2 Remastered -- PC --

That's it for now... :D