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Got a few new ones to add for various systems...

Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun
WWF Superstars (1989)
Dual Pack: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee and Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (Didn't see this listed over at GameFAQs, so here's the Amazon link I used to purchase it - felt like I couldn't go wrong at that price. )
River City: Rival Showdown

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# 2099 - Posted on 7/14/2018 7:31:27


The Enchanted Cave 2 -

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# 2100 - Posted on 7/14/2018 8:32:44

PS4 : Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier -

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few more Doom mods, however I'm asking to add them because they're all pretty much their own standalone game. All on PC.

Castlevania: Simon's Destiny -

Doom: The Golden Souls -

Doom: The Golden Souls 2 -

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@everyone - Sorry for the delay, but I think I got most of those loaded now!

@psychoapeguy - I'm not familiar with it, but it looks like Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun might be the NES version of Kid Dracula, so it might just need an alias. Does that sound right to you or is this a different game altogether?

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@moho_00 - Technically the Kid Dracula for Game Boy that came out is a remake/sequel to the original Famicom game.

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Great Volleyball on SMS

Cloud Master on SMS


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@moho - I'm pretty sure that it's different. If dhobo knows for sure (it sounds like he does), I'd say go with him. I haven't played either game in years, so I can't really remember...but most Game Boy games that also had NES releases were often different from their console big brothers, so I'm just making an assumption. If push comes to shove, I can do a comparison and let you know.

And thanks again for adding everyone's games. It's much appreciated.

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And sorry, one more to add, for PSP - it's different than the PS2 game with the same name.

Shepherd's Crossing

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@everyone - Those have all been added!

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Hello! This is my first post here and while I was dumping all our family's games (I am still in the process of doing it, haha!) I found some that weren't there:

Nintendo DS:
A Christmas Carol
Animal Genius
Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4
Desktop Tower Defense
Guitar Rock Tour
Jam Session 2
Master of Illusion
Ping Pals
Scripps Spelling bee
Sonny With a Chance
SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off
Tony Hawk's Motion
Travel Games for Dummies
Ultimate Mortal Kombat
Victorious: Taking the Lead
What's Cooking With Jamie Oliver
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over The Nexus

PC / Windows:
Australia Zoo: Animal Links

Nintendo 3DS
Carnival Games: Wild West 3D

I might have a lot of obscure and/or bad games: my husband used to work in a game store and people gave him a lot of games for really cheap when they couldn't trade them in store. I didn't even include my bunch of hidden objects PC games (I have the French versions and searching them all is a little too much haha!)
I'll let you know if I find more.

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@Hanayuki - Hello and welcome! I added all of the games you listed. Obscure and bad games are certainly welcome here

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Got one to add - Amazon had it on sale during Prime Day. It's basically Final Fantasy XV with some new features and content, plus it looks like a lot (if not all) of the DLC was tossed in.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

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Hey everyone really haven't been much on the site lately because of work but found a few games that aren't added yet.

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing -
Outer Wilds -
The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series -

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Abarenbou Princess
After Armageddon Gaiden: Majuu Toushouden Eclipse
Aisle Lord
Akazukin ChaCha
Albert Odyssey
Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou
Alnam no Tsubasa: Shoujin no Sora no Kanata e

Thank you!

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@everyone - Those have all been added, except for Dovetail Games Euro Fishing. I'm not familiar with the game, but I think it might be this one: If it is, I can update the name / box art and if not, I'll add a separate entry.

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Fighting EX Layer - PlayStation 4

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Injustice 2: Legendary Edition

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 - Switch

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Pic-a-Pix Color (also on 3ds/vita/switch)
Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (also on ps4/switch)
Pathpix Love
Pathpix Hex
Pathpix Time

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@everyone - Those have all been added!

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Hello! New user here and really enjoying the site! While working on getting my collection imported I couldn't find these games:

No Fairchild Channel F listings at all. I can give you a list of mine but there's not that many in the whole library.

Panasonic REAL Sampler

2600 - Not sure where you stand on label variations but for now, here's the titles that I couldn't find
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks
Sea Hunt
Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor
Task Force

Cabbage Patch Kids
Fortune Builder
Fraction Fever
Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker
Nova Blast
Squish 'em Sam'em-sam
Super Action Baseball
War Room

Game Boy

Polarium Advance

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin
The Electric Company Word Fun
Happy Trails
Tron Solar Sailor

Odyssey 2
Take the Money and Run

Gran Turismo HD Concept

Aphelion Episode One: Graves of Earth
Aphelion Episode Two: Wings of Omega
Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
Rad Raygun

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@Suede53 Hello and welcome! I think I've added most of the games you've requested. The only exceptions are Ghostbusters for 2600 and the various Channel F games. I'll have to defer to @dhobo on Ghostbusters since he's worked with the entries we have here already. Since Channel F is a small library, I'll just start adding them all soon. I went ahead and added it as a platform though so it's at least ready to go. Feel free to prod me if you don't see any Channel F games pop up in the next couple of days

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@Suede53 - The entry you want to use is "Ghostbusters" which was up until now in our database as "Ghostbusters (1988)" which was a mistake on my part. It's a catch-all release that handles all of the older Ghostbuster game releases (besides the Genesis game, which has it's own entry.)

Suede53 Posts: 11 Registered: 7/2/2018
# 2122 - Posted on 7/26/2018 23:15:06

Wow! Now that's service! :D Thanks for updates.

@dhobo - I saw that entry but the date threw me. I assumed it was the NES-era releases.